Whistleblower Policy

Fostering Transparency and Integrity: Admighty Foundation’s Whistleblower Policy

At Admighty Foundation, our commitment to ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability forms the bedrock of our operations. In line with our unwavering dedication to upholding these principles, we have implemented a robust Whistleblower Policy.

Our Whistleblower Policy is a cornerstone of our organisational culture, providing a secure and confidential platform for individuals associated with Admighty Foundation, including employees, volunteers, partners, and stakeholders, to report any instances of misconduct, unethical behaviour, or concerns within the organization. We recognise the importance of fostering an environment where individuals feel empowered to speak up without fear of retaliation.

This policy ensures that any reported concerns are taken seriously, investigated thoroughly, and appropriate actions are taken. An independent and impartial investigation process is followed, maintaining the utmost confidentiality and protecting the identity of whistleblowers.

The aim of our Whistleblower Policy is to reinforce our ethical standards, maintain the trust and confidence of our stakeholders, and ensure the integrity of our operations. By encouraging openness and accountability, we strengthen our commitment to creating a positive impact in the domains of Health, Education, and Environment.

We encourage everyone associated with Admighty Foundation to familiarise themselves with our Whistleblower Policy. Your support and adherence to this policy are integral in preserving our values, upholding ethical conduct, and collectively contributing to the betterment of society. Together, let’s continue to strive for transparency, integrity, and ethical practices in all aspects of our operations.


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