Admighty Foundation FAQ’s

  1. How many projects are running in this time?
    Admighty Foundation has Three projects based on Health,Education and Environment.
  2. Which age group’s children you mostly cover in your project?
    We did not discriminate children for their age. Children covers in project are mostly belong to 0 -14 year age.
  3. How you identify needy children to help them?
    We visit backward area of states and talk to people, collect some data, and then we will identify those children who are in real need and want to go ahead in life.
  4. Did you directly provide financial help to children or their organization like school, hospital for helping them?
    We do not  give funds directly to children or their families. We pay their fee on behalf of them to organisations.
  5. How can I know about your projects?
    You can read our project at our website and for more details you can mail us at about this. Then we will send you our project’s detail in next 48 hrs.
  6. How can I donate fund to Admighty Foundation ?
    There are 3 ways of donating funds. These are:
  7. Through Our Representative: In this method you should draw a cheque in favour of “Admighty Foundation ”. and our representative will meet you at any place in India as per your convenience. and you can give your contribution to him.
  8. Via Courier :You can send your contribution in Cheque to our Registered Address.
  9. Do We receive government funding?  As an NGO (non-government organisation), We do not receive any direct government funding allowing us to stay independent, making unbiased evaluations of government policies and programmes. The government has also extended positive tax and duty exemptions to us, enabling us minimise costs.

Admighty Foundation 

408,Narayan Arcade,
Narol-Aslali Highway
Narol,Ahmedabad – 385402

Cont. No. : +91 -9687522666

  • Through Net Banking :
    You can donate funds using net banking also. You can choose third party transfer option in your net banking menu for transferring funds by NEFT, RTGS. For this purpose you will need our following details :-

Bank Name : Bank of Baroda
A/c Name : Admighty Foundation 
A/c No. : 27370-20000-1014


  • Do we accept cash donations?
    No, we do not accept cash donations. But we recommend all donations by cheque.
  • Can I send a donation cheque to directly Admighty Foundation office?
    Yes, you can send a cheque at Admighty Foundation’s correspondence office Address is 408,Narayan Arcade, Narol-Aslali Highway, Narol, Ahmedabad-385402
  • How much donation should I give if I want to sponsor a child’s education?
    Normally, on an average a child’s education and health care  expenses are Rs. 1100 per month. So you should give at least Rs. 13,200/- to sponsor a child’s education and health care for a year.
  • In which favour should I draw a Cheque?
    You should draw a cheque only in favour of “Admighty Foundation”.
  • Can I issue a post-dated cheque to Admighty Foundation ?
    Yes, you can also send a post dated cheque to Admighty Foundation, it is valid.
  • Can I give donations I kind?
    Yes, you can also give donations in kind like copies, pen, pencil etc. stationary items which will directly help us children for their education or you can sponsor some plant saplings to plant a tree..
    Further queries will be welcomed by DFT on the following contacts:-
    Cell : +91 – 96875522666 
    Email :


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