Purchase Policy

Purchase Policy

At Admighty Foundation, our Purchase Policy embodies our commitment to transparent, ethical, and responsible procurement practices in pursuit of our mission in Health, Education, and Environment. We strive to ensure that all purchases made by our organization align with our values, objectives, and ethical standards.

Our Purchase Policy is founded on principles of integrity, fairness, efficiency, and accountability. We conduct procurement processes that prioritise the selection of suppliers and vendors based on their adherence to ethical business practices, quality of products or services, and alignment with our sustainability goals.

All purchases made on behalf of Admighty Foundation undergo rigorous evaluation, aiming to attain the best value for the organization while upholding ethical considerations. We promote fair competition and equal opportunities for suppliers, fostering an inclusive and diverse procurement ecosystem.

Additionally, we prioritise sustainability in our purchasing decisions, seeking environmentally friendly products, reducing waste, and supporting suppliers with sustainable practices.

We maintain comprehensive records of our procurement activities, ensuring transparency and accountability in our expenditure. Our policies also comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing procurement processes.

Admighty Foundation remains dedicated to making informed and responsible purchasing decisions that not only meet our organisational needs but also contribute to our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. We value the trust placed in us by our stakeholders and are committed to upholding these principles in all our procurement endeavours.

For any inquiries or clarifications regarding our Purchase Policy, please feel free to contact us. Your confidence in our procurement practices is crucial to our collective effort in making a positive impact on the world.