NDA Policy

Non-Disclosure Policy

Admighty Foundation, as a Not-for-Profit Philanthropy Global Startup Organization dedicated to initiatives in Health, Education, and Environment, upholds the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and confidentiality. Our Non-Disclosure Policy underscores our commitment to preserving the confidentiality and security of sensitive information exchanged within our organization and with our stakeholders, partners, and collaborators.

This policy extends to safeguarding proprietary data, intellectual property, financial information, strategic plans, and any confidential materials shared or accessed during the course of our operations. We hold ourselves accountable to comply with all legal requirements and ethical principles pertaining to non-disclosure.

Every member of our team, including employees, volunteers, partners, and affiliates, is bound by this policy. We emphasise the significance of maintaining confidentiality as a cornerstone of trust, collaboration, and ethical conduct within Admighty Foundation.

Confidential information shared within our organization or with external parties is handled with utmost care, ensuring restricted access and protection from unauthorised disclosure. We recognise the sensitivity and importance of such information and ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and privacy.

At Admighty Foundation, safeguarding sensitive data is paramount to fostering a secure and conducive environment for innovative ideas, strategic partnerships, and impactful projects. We value the trust placed in us by our stakeholders and stakeholders and remain committed to upholding the highest standards of confidentiality in all our endeavours.

For any inquiries or clarifications regarding our Non-Disclosure Policy, please feel free to contact us. Your confidence in our commitment to confidentiality is vital to our continued success in serving our global communities.


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